"Empire of Hidden Treassures"


Just arriving to Peru will be by itself an adventure. This country is considered a paradise for the active traveler for it has gigantic sand dunes, the Amazon in all of its splendor and thousands of flora and fauna species. Andes Mountains are always ready to be explored. Marveled in a helicopter ride above Nazca lines, watch the sun set in the Incas ancient city of  Machu Pichu,  enjoy a festival that combines urban edginess with innovation and art. And that will be just the beginning. In Lima you will discover one of the best culinary alternatives worldwide. To try Peruvian cuisine is to truly understand the fusion between Spanish, African, Chinese, Italian and Indigenous food which result in exquisite servings such as cebiche, “aji de gallina”, spicy Huncayo style potatoes, Peruvian Causa, Tacu-Tacu, among others.

Titicaca Lake


Machu Pichu

Sacred Valley




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